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Messy Girl Murder Series

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I am ecstatic to announce the upcoming publication release of my debut novel, Murder on Hollywood Beach, by Light Messages. Release date TBD early 2022! Get to know my anti-heroine Amanda Beckwith.

Amanda Beckwith is a classic underachiever who finally hits the jackpot when she marries Santa Barbara wellness guru Geoff Martin. She is fast becoming the envy of her trendy, 30-something girlfriends until Geoff dumps her for Bree, his massage therapist. With nothing to show for her short marriage but a couple minor brushes with the law and a tiny drinking problem, Amanda escapes to Hollywood Beach, 20 miles south of Santa Barbara, to focus on her career as professional organizer and “Messy Girl” blogger for a small local newspaper.

When Bree is found murdered on the beach behind Amanda’s house, her life spirals into chaos. When Amanda lies about her whereabouts on the night of the murder, detectives single her out as a person of interest, with motive, means and opportunity to pull off the crime. With few people interested in her side of the story, Amanda is forced to resort to her own devices to clear her name. However, as Amanda edges closer to discovering Bree’s murderer, her status shifts from person of interest to next victim.

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